My Story

Andrew Green, Creative Photographer and Founder of LDV Studio.

I use the label “Creative Photographer” because it is the creative process that binds the elements that drive me rather than any photographic specialism.

My images are the accumulation of a journey stemming from the formulation of an idea, research to ensure I am there at the right moment and the message of the final image.

Creative photography has led me on the quest for symbols and subjects that help express my feelings of the world around us and our place in it and want to share unique and special moments that will lift people out of the daily routines provoking thoughtful pondering of our positions in the world.

Digital photography and internet have created amazing opportunities for capturing, displaying and sharing photographs but I am an advocate of physical print and believe it creates a unique bond between the photographer and viewer. Therefore, the physical prints I produce are controlled, focusing on low volume, high quality fine art production. My aim is to create a body of fine art images for longevity rather than the quick gains of the mass market consumption.

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