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Is the printed photo dead?

Is there any need for a printed photograph and what is the difference between a snapshot and finer photograph?
Obviously, I am going to say no! However, there is no doubt the need for a printed photograph has reduced especially with snapshot photography. Inadvertently, if we do choose to print a photo it must have a special connection to us and therefore a greater, even precious, value to us. This means we should take more care of it and ensure we display it to its full potential…. this is why you should look at the hand-crafted frames in the shop!!.

But would you also display someone else’s photograph on your wall or shelf? Can a photograph actually become a work of art?

A fine-art photograph is a paradox: the success of photography is because it is an instant medium and often means we only spend seconds looking at photograph to understand it, whilst a fine-art photograph has to have instant appeal but then connect to the viewer at a deeper level.

Mastering a craft takes time and dedication and so does understanding a photograph. For a photograph to work at a deeper level and reach the status of a fine-art photograph because they reflect the mastery of the craft, express the emotion of the and creates physical connection with the photographer because of its uniqueness.